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  • Sports Performance and Shaping International Image of a China: Towards Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

    China is a country that has been using sport in order to reach political goals for many years. Lately such political exploitation of sport is directed at shaping the desirable international image of this country. This is done most of all through hosting sports events, but also through sports victories. The last aspect is the subject of this research. The aim of the article is therefore to investigate the issue of utilization of performance in international sport in order to enhance international image of a China. The research presented in the article is a case study concerning sport as a tool of nation-branding. Its main objective is to analyse motivation of China’s decision-makers to use sports performance in order to enhance the country’s international perception, and to observe how this goals is executed. The main hypothesis to be tested states that China perceives sports performance as an important tool of enhancing its international image. 

  • Branding narodowy jako narzędzie budowania pozytywnego wizerunku państwa na arenie międzynarodowej

    An important standpoint in national branding discourse is to draw attention to the fact that the international public, as well as each individual member, has certain associations connected with the countries, its inhabitants and national products. Connotations received over the years, which are strongly related to the upbringing in social groups, give us the opportunity to establish order, hierarchy, categorization and thus easier understanding of the world. The subjective interpretation of the mentioned factors and many others defined by Simon Anholt as “one million of private convictions” create country image which can be managed by the implementation of nation branding strategy.

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