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  • Political Celebrities – a New Dimension of Political Leadership

    Political leadership is still a research area requiring the most up-to-date approaches, since, being a constant phenomenon in its essence, it is subject to the processes of form transformation. Throughout history, we can indicate the directions of change of the leadership phenomenon. From tribal communities, where often quasi-political functions were combined with religious functions (based on the charismatic authority of shamans), through the time of statesmen and ideological leadership, we have now arrived at the era of media leaders.

  • The Attributes of the Fourth Estate. In the Area of Medial Theories and Politics

    The term “Fourth Estate” is becoming more and more common and acquires various connotations. It seems that processes of mediatisation of politics and tabloidisation of the media greatly contribute to phenomenon. Numerous examples of that sort are provided by the permanent election campaigns in Poland, mutual relationship between different types of media and political public relations, as well as the relationship between the media and the ruling coalition.

  • A Role of Political Face in The Process of Creating a Political Image

    Adopting a new face – a mask – might be one of the conditions for a comeback to the political scene. A political face is not a synonym for identity because it is not shaped by the public, but it consists a sort of mask which is put on a politician by his/her image advisors and next presented to the public. This paper attempts to verify a thesis that a political face is not a synonym but an unstable element of a political image. The political image again is an equivalent for socio-political identity. Most definitions which appear in works on political communication treat the political image as a kind of Ego reflected in a way similar to the concept of Marzena Cichosz, who indicates, that the image consists of a set of features, which in the opinion of the public the subject possesses.

  • Kształtowanie wizerunku jako instrument zarządzania współczesnym przedsiębiorstwem

    W naukach o zarządzaniu wizerunek traktowany jest często jako środek zaradczy na wypadek kryzysow pojawiających się w otoczeniu organizacji. Wiele teorii i koncepcji zarządzania pomija zagadnienie wizerunku nie doceniając jego kluczowej roli w zarządzaniu przedsiębiorstwem. Artykuł podejmuje probę wskazanie miejsca kształtowania wizerunku w instrumentarium zarządzania wspołczesnym przedsiębiorstwem.

  • Portale społecznościowe jako narzędzie promocji i public relations w społeczeństwie informacyjnym Perspektywy rozwoju

    Social networking sites as promotion and public relations tools in the information society – development perspectives
    The article aims to familiarize with the development of the Internet as a means of communication and promotion tool as well as public relations in contemporary global society and the society of electronic media. The share of electronic channels in interpersonal communication is constantly growing, becoming a dominant way of media communication in the world. This does not mean that it will be the only way of communication, but it should be noted that it will be the dominant one. The article attempts to approximate the issue of the development of new media in terms of statistics and quantity, but also because of the demographics and geographical location of users. It shows the structures and possibilities as well as potential ways of media development in the future. The statistics come from research centers mainly from the United States of America. The analysis covers general issues of social media, mainly social media portals and their scale of impact on the global society. It should be noted that the attitude of enterprises to society has changed. Thanks to better data, more detailed advertising parameters and a growing user base, social media is one of the ways to invest. Adaptation of social media by older people is constantly growing – which means that more companies can benefit from ads targeted directly to this group. When choosing a social network to advertise, make sure that the adoption of social media by the target age group is high.

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