Author: Krzysztof Kutra
Year of publication: 2009
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Pages: 115-137
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The article outlines 20 years of Sino-Vietnamese political relations from 1954 to 1976, within the framework of the struggle for independence and subsequent unification of Vietnam. This period begins with the North Vietnamese successful military effort to win independence and China’s role in the peace settlement and international recognition of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at the Geneva Conference. The article describes special Sino-Vietnamese relations at each stage of the process and presents the role of China in the Vietnam war – vital, although varying.
The focus has been put on the relation between the People’s Republic of China and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam – the two ideologically similar new entities. The article proceeds to show how the evolution of alliance between the two countries was determined by the international context – the Sino-Soviet rivalry and cooperation, the Cold War confl ict with the United States and the subsequent rapprochement between the two countries, by the confl ict between China and Vietnam as well as other factors. Apart from the international context, the article emphasizes PRC’s internal strife as the key factor of the approach towards Vietnam – in contrast to the DRV’s priorities, which having been based on two stable premises: the victory in the war for unifi cation and the role played in it by the North Vietnam and ultimately by the Soviet Union, have remained unchanged. The study analyses specifi c context of the Sino-Vietnamese relations during the time when the ideological factor and the common struggle against imperialism determined bilateral relations. The research has been based on the international sources and is a summary of the master’s thesis The Sino-Vietnamese relations 1945–1976. China’s position towards independence of Vietnam.

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