Author: Микола Крупач
Year of publication: 2015
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Pages: 219-232
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First” and "second” poets "Prague school”: the problem of authenticity "evidence reputable artists”. For decades, the vast majority of literature theorists link the genesis theme in Ukrainian emigration poetry of 1920-1930’5 with the name Y. Daragan, while at the same time E. lVlalaniuk is considered the greatest poet of the exile. However, today there are no sound scientific studies that would prove the validity of these controversial statements. Often they are allegedly derived from ”evidence of influential artists” of the interwar period : B.I. Antonych and 0. Olzhych, in accordance with their articles Poetry on this side of the barricades and Modern Ukrainian poetry. These articles are supposedly given thematic status of ”primacy” among the works of immigrants just south of Y. Daragan collection Quiver. l-lowever the detailed analysis revealed that the article written by B.I. Antonych in the order and under the pressure of cultural figures of Soviet orientation, but the article seems to 0. Olzhycha clearly not to be written by its alleged author.

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