Author: Людмила Течонашинська
Year of publication: 2015
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Pages: 253-272
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PDF: pomi/01/pomi201518.pdf

Between Reality and Myths: Discourse to Occidentalism. Cross-Cultural Reflections and Contiguity Experience. The issue of national identity study is considered through the lens of such concepts as globalism and Europeanness. Now this aspect of self-conscience is being arficulated and discussed especially actively in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and other sci- entific reflections. In this regard, the theme of the image of Europe and its derivative concept of Europeanness as a kind of code which is present in these national literatures is actualized. Outlined by the author the receph’ve image of intuih've Europe which is modified by different models of nafional mentality is of general importance. For an insight on clearer formation of the image of Europe the author gives examples of its presence in national literatures. Addressing Ukrainian, Polish, Russian scientific reflections the author transforms the issue of intercultural dialogue in the context of national-European into the issue of polylogue of receptive models of identity in a West-East paradigm.

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