Author: Олена Дюндик
Year of publication: 2015
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Pages: 311-324
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PDF: pomi/01/pomi201522.pdf

Precedent names as a means of language games in word-formation (on the basis of Eygen Pashkovsky’s novels). The object of this arh'cle is to illuminate new derivates that were created on the basis of precedent names in novels of modern Ukrainian author Eygen Pashkovsky. Language games in the process of word-formation show a tendency towards democratization in Ukrainian language and disappearing bounds between spoken and literary language. New words that appear on the basis of well-known proper names widen different parts of speech i.e., adjectives, verbs, nouns. Expanding semanh’cs and hyper-expression of author’s neologisms are analyzed in the context of language games. The author of the article suggests that precedent names modified in language game expand their semantics and attract attention due to their form.

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