Author: Józef M. Fiszer
Institution: Lazarski University in Warsaw (Poland)
Year of publication: 2013
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Pages: 350-355
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PDF: ppsy/42/ppsy2013025.pdf

France with its turbulent history, of foreign affairs and rich culture, has over the centuries been a fascinating topic of academic research for historians, political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, culture experts and publicists. And no wonder, since this country – as a continental superpower – was always conducting its politicson a global scale and was – still is – an important player in the international arena. From medieval times, the 17th century especially, France has been considered an important centre of European and world culture, even of civilisation in general, who’s status and role grew stronger in the Napoleonic era, when the French language became the language of diplomacy and politics, the language of people of science and culture. Culture, its rich content and spiritual values quickly became a part of France’s foreign policy. 


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