Author: Arkadiusz Żukowski
Institution: Polish Political Science Association (Poland)
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 7
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PDF: ppsy/45/ppsy2016000.pdf

Dear Readers, I am very pleased to present you the 45th volume of the Polish Political Science Yearbook (2016). From the beginning, the journal was connected with the Polish Association of Political Science (established in 1957) and in fact, played a role in its organ. At first, the periodical was published under the title Polish Round Table, and then the name was changed into the current one. The fundamental aims of the Polish Political Science Yearbook for the last 45 years and even earlier have not changed. The authors have made an effort to maintain and even increase the quality of publishing papers. These aims were and are the priority tasks. In the near future the deepened emphasis will be directed towards theoretical and methodological background of every paper. The PPSY will be more open for scientific discourse on various vital challenges and threats of contemporary political science in Poland and in the World.

Concerning the structure of every issue of the Yearbook, the existing division into thematic and special sections will be maintained but one-subject issues are under consideration. Besides, the sections on reviews and scientific events will be maintained or even expanded. From formal and technical point of view construction of bibliography as well as bibliographic notations will be improved and electronic editions of the PPSY will be easier accessible from our website and respected databases. The Polish Political Science Yearbook should be a flagship of findings of Polish political scientists. But we have an intention to invite to publish in our journal more and more prominent scholars from abroad. I am convinced that this and the next issues of the Polish Political Science Yearbook will meet with positive response of readers and will constitute an additional value in political science research. 

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