Author: Przemysław J. Sieradzan
Institution: University of Gdańsk (Poland)
Author: Tadeusz Bodio
Institution: University of Warszawa (Poland)
Year of publication: 2012
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Pages: 116-143
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PDF: ppsy/41/ppsy2012006.pdf

Karachay-Circassia, is very small both in the territorial and demographic aspect and is widely considered as one of the most politically unstable state-subjects of the Russian Federation. This instability is implied by a combination of many factors occurring against a relatively stable historical and cultural background. This background consists of: multiethnicity, colonization and sovietization, deportations, migrations, ethnic segmentation of the society, ethno-clanishness, ethnic and territorial conflicts and the geopolitical situation. The latter has often decomposed the natural development of nation-creating and state-creating processes. Moreover, it has also been the main cause of numerous tragedies of the local populace which sometimes has put its very biological existence under threat.



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