Author: Gideon Biger
Institution: Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Year of publication: 2018
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Pages: 439–447
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PDF: ppsy/47-2/ppsy2018221.pdf

Many suggestions have been presented for solving the Israeli – Palestinian dispute. As for now, none of those suggestions, presented during more than thirty years of negotiations, have been accepted by both sides. As for this, some new ideas have to be entered into the arena. Here some new, “out of the box”, geographical proposals are presented, based on actual events and geographical realities which exist in other areas. These proposals could be seen as un-human or politically wrong suggestions but as all other proposals were rejected, the decision makers of both sides, as well as the leaders of the world, can use the presented suggestion as a base for future negotiations.

Conclusion: As for now, all proposals aimed at solving the Israeli – Palestinian dispute were not accepted by one side or the other. Here were presented three "out of the box" suggestions, which can be seen as unacceptable in the first reading but could be presented at the discussion table in order to find an acceptable reaction by those who deal or will deal with the future peace negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians

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