Author: Ireneusz Kraś
Institution: Jan Długosz Academy of Częstochowa (Poland)
Year of publication: 2012
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Pages: 444-460
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The course of economic processes of economy is regulated by its products and production factors in which supply and demand are equalized. The most important role is given to money as a measurement of value (ensuring valuation), means of payment (allowing the settling the payments) as well as a means of hoarding (allowing savings). Primarily the market economy is a monetary economy. Money is used for buying and selling, for granting loans, accumulating savings. Every functional entity of the market such as enterprises, households are taking part in these processes. An important role of these processes is taken by the purchasing power of money, which has an eff ect on those participating in economy and social life. If the value of the money is constant it brings safety in life not only from the economic but also the social point of view. We can not agree more than to say that stable currency is of great social value. The central bank takes a major role to a guard keeping the currency at a stable level. Proper functioning of the central bank is strictly connected with its independence. It allows the monetary policy to be conducted properly in a country.

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