Author: Renata Podgórzańska
Institution: University of Szczecin (Poland)
Year of publication: 2008
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Pages: 127-140
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PDF: ppsy/37/ppsy2008009.pdf

The proclamation of independence of Kosovo, although expected, had a destabilizing impact on the international situation. International community had various opinions on the decision of Kosovo authorities. Numerous conditions in "uenced the positions of individual countries. Countries acknowledging independence of Kosovo, that is some EU countries and the United States, recognized the proclamation of independence of Kosovo as a final stage of the Yugoslavia’s break-up with the basis for peaceful cooperation on the Balkans. Whereas, countries opposing the secession of Kosovo found it against the international law. They perceived this act as an example of western countries’ dominance and feared that it would form a dangerous precedent threatening international stability and security.


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