Author: Sascha-Dominik Dov Bachmann
Institution: Canberra Law School (Australia)
Author: Anthony Paphiti
Institution: Former officer with the UK Army Legal Services (United Kingdom)
Published online: 30 June 2021
Final submission: 16 June 2021
Printed issue: December 2021
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Page no: 27
Pages: 119-145
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PDF: ppsy/50/ppsy202122.pdf

Migration as a weapon sounds like a policy statement by resurgent nationalistic parties (and governments) in the West. However, politics and the human cost aside, what if an adversary (both state and non-state actor) does exploit the current global crisis of mass migration due to globalization, war, and political unrest? This article will look at the ongoing mass migration to the European Union within the wider security context of the so-called hybrid threats and/or ‘grey zone’ tactics. It looks at the various legal categories of migration as how the law can be weaponized as so-called ‘lawfare’ to undermine the existing legal frameworks distinguishing between legal and illegal migration. The authors recognize the possibility that this article will be used as an argument by the political actors involved for their nationalistic and anti-migration politics and policies. Yet, we believe that the potential of abusing the current vacuum for political gains along ideological party lines makes it necessary to provide a wider legal-security focused perspective on mass migration.


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