Author: Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak
Institution: University of Szczecin
Year of publication: 2020
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Pages: 57-66
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PDF: tner/202004/tner6205.pdf

The main aim of this paper is to raise reflection on the conditions of respect for the right to education in the unexpected, pandemic time and after. The right to education is presented as the main agent of personal and social well-being, respect for human dignity, and the power of changing the world. The main question that organizes the structure of this paper concerns the conditions of respecting the right to education in Poland during remote education forced by a pandemic. Attention is focused on conditions, such as the place of living, possibilities for parents with different levels of education to support students, and access to broadband Internet. The discussion highlights the role of imagination as a factor of change in education and ways of respect for the right to education.


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