Anna Potyrała

  • Book Review: Anna Potyrała, Unia Europejska wobec międzynarodowych sądów karnych. Geneza, istota i praktyka współpracy [European Union towards international criminal courts. Origins, nature and practice of cooperation], Wydawnictwo Naukowe WNPiD

    Author: Włodzimierz Malendowski
    Institution: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland)
    Year of publication: 2014
    Source: Show
    Pages: 438–440
    DOI Address:
    PDF: ppsy/43/ppsy2014029.pdf

    The EU towards international criminal tribunals. Genesis, Concept and Practice of Cooperation’ is a study that focuses on the important research question of the broad and multi-aspectual problem of criminal tribunals on the international arena. This has been tackled in many Polish and foreign publications, however, to date no work has studied the EU cooperation with the three international criminal tribunals – two ad hoc ones and a permanent one. Therefore, it is necessary to recognise the ambitious and pioneering task and venture that the chosen research field is highly appropriate not only if one casts an eye at the monograph title, but foremost the case put forward in the introductory part.

  • Book Review: Poland's Security: Contemporary Domestic and International Issues, eds. Sebastian Wojciechowski, Anna Potyrała, Logos Verlag, Berlin 2013, pp. 225

    Author: Vera–Karin Brazova
    Institution: Charles University in Prague (the Czech Republic)
    Year of publication: 2013
    Source: Show
    Pages: 340-344
    DOI Address:
    PDF: ppsy/42/ppsy2013023.pdf

    Bringing together distinguished Polish scholars and researchers, the book Poland’s Security: Contemporary Domestic and International Issues presents different aspects of security of present-day Poland. The volume’s primary intent is to “emphasize the complex, multi-faceted, dynamic, and evolutionary nature of the subject, the multiplicity of problems in the area of security, and the diversity of its determinants”. Attention is paid not only to the military (or “hard”) security, but also to other sectors, such as economic, societal or energy security. A specific gap, which the editors set out to cover, is the scarcity of a practical application of theoretical considerations in the respective field.

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