• Centralna Kasa Spółek Rolniczych (1919–1946)

    Author: Mirosław Kłusek
    Year of publication: 2015
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    Pages: 39-48
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    PDF: ksm/20/ksm201503.pdf

    The beginning of Credit Union of Agricultural Cooperatives is linked to Malopolska Region, where agricultural cooperative movement initialized by Stefan Stefczyk in 1899 was captured into concise legal frames called „The Bureau of Patronage over Companies of Savings and Loans at the State Department in Lwow”. That credit institution became seed of Credit Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Lwow established in 1909. State Credit Union was an outpost of particularly self-governing, state character contributing towards the development of agricultural cooperatives. Soon after regaining independence by Poland after World War I, The Bureau of Patronage over Agricultural Companies in Lwow was reorganized into Credit Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Warsaw with extended area of operation onto the entire territory of the Republic of Poland. During the Nazi occupation Credit Union of Agricultural Cooperatives still remained the financial centre for agricultural cooperatives. Unfortunately, after liberation from the German occupation Credit Union of Agricultural Cooperatives was forced to cease its activity.

  • Sytuacja rolnictwa w województwie krakowskim w 1935 r. W świetle sprawozdania krakowskiego Oddziału Państwowego Banku Rolnego

    Author: Anna Rachwał
    Year of publication: 2014
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    Pages: 268-286
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    PDF: ksm/19/ksm201420.pdf

    The published document called The report of Kraków’s department of the National Land Bank in 1935 comes from the Archive of New Files in Warsaw, National Land Bank group, catalogue number 28. In the general part there are entries concerning the situation of agriculture in Kraków’s province in 1935. In the second part there is information on the subject of credit activity of Kraków’s National Land Bank department concerning short-term, medium-term and long-term credit, as well as issue credit. The published document can be helpful for the research dedicated to the history of the economics in Kraków’s province during interwar period. Information included in this document are especially valuable for the people dealing with banking and the history of agriculture.


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