• De(materializacja) pracy i „wolność” zawodu projektanta

    Author: Paulina Rojek-Adamek
    Year of publication: 2017
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    Pages: 234-243
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    PDF: kie/115/kie11515.pdf

    The main object of the article is an attempt to answer the question about the limits of freedom and independence of professional designers. It seems to be important, especially now, when we can observe how creative industries provide to innovative development of society and to competitive advantage. Is it possible to have autonomy being a designer? Referring to B. Bourdieu’s field theory and idea of socially responsible design (Papanek, 2012) it will be shown the context of this profession as a balance of power between the individual actors (designers, client, users, society) in the field of design. Object of the present text is description of the designer’s profession in relation to the subjectively perceived degree of professional independence. The example used to analyze this issue are interviews conducted among British designers from Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.

  • Concepts of Capital in Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory

    Author: Jacek Tittenbrun
    Institution: Adam Mickiewicz University
    Year of publication: 2015
    Source: Show
    Pages: 95-113
    DOI Address:
    PDF: kie/108/kie10806.pdf

    The hallmark of French thinker undoubtedly is worthy of critical attention. To make this task feasible, the paper focuses not on the secondary literature, but on Bourdieu’s work itself. Thanks to what follows, one is able to establish whether the conception of various capitals stands up to analytical scrutiny. And an outcome of this examination has even broader relevanceBourdieu is the most prolific exponent of an entire trend, much in vogue in social science recently. It would be difficult to indicate a field of inquiry in which this or that unorthodox, extra-economic concept of capital has not been deployed as a research tool. The result of this critical analysis are not encouraging; Bourdieu’s framework is plagued by economism or economic imperialism, and suffers from other limitations as well.

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