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  • Kreowanie przestrzeni międzykulturowej na Wileńszczyźnie

    Author: Alicja Szerląg
    Institution: Uniwersytet Wrocławski
    Year of publication: 2018
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    Pages: 28-41
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    PDF: kie/121/kie12102.pdf

    A man functions in a given area and significant places. The area, on one hand, reflects the way of thinking about the world, and on the other it expresses social life in its arrangement, at the same time serving as a mean to reproduce social relations. Thus, a man who utilises it and creates it is the one that enters it on basis of various types of relations. It can take shape of cultural space perceived as physical realm that carries cultural reality (a set of significances and signs). A cultural space understood like that entails the category of space, which (as a place of significance with its historicalness and rationality) plays key part on the process of shaping one’s identity. The culture of place at the same time fulfils unifying, directing and standardizing function of the social relations. Given the multicultural character of the place interculturalism is crucial, and within its framework the cross-cultural potential of individuals shaping intercultural space in a culturally diverse local setting. A man enters relations with the place whereas the place creates an area of mutual coexistence with the man. The Vilnius region is a place significant for its inhabitants, as it constitutes a cultural community located in the cultural borderland. The factors that condition it entail common cultural legacy, localness, interaction and sense of familiarity. They are accompanied by the skills of recognizing cultural legacy, followed by interactional competences and multi-dimensional growth. Cognition and understanding therefore shall be considered as the key elements of establishing a community at the meeting points of cultures, i.e. intercultural area. They should be favoured by actions undertaken in the local environment, by the mean of, for instance, folk art, folk culture, that both provide with cultural, educational and pedagogical functions.

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