cybersecurity policy

  • Cybersecurity Politics – Conceptualization of the Idea

    Author: Marek Górka
    Institution: Koszalin University of Technology (Poland)
    Published online: 21 June 2021
    Final submission: 30 April 2021
    Printed issue: December 2021
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    Page no: 19
    Pages: 71-89
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    PDF: ppsy/50/ppsy202112.pdf

    The cybersecurity issue discussed in the paper is seen from the perspective of political science with the indication that the subject under discussion concerns the multifaceted nature of the state’s actions, which consists of political, economic, social, and cultural factors. At the same time, the work also intends to prove that cybersecurity is not only a domain of technology because it is the mentioned aspects that shape the conditions of stable development of the state and its citizens in a space dominated by cyber technology in a much more decisive way. Given the growing role of cybertechnology in almost all areas of human life, its importance also forces and inspires political science to question the shape and model of modern policy, which is significantly evolving under the influence of new technologies. On the one hand, emerging cyber threats reveal the weakness of the state and the dependence of state institutions on cybertechnologies, but on the other hand, existing cyber incidents may also motivate many governments to take action to increase the level of cybersecurity.

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