• Prawa i wolności człowieka i obywatela w świetle Konstytucji RP

    Author: Sylwia Stecko
    Institution: Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
    Year of publication: 2018
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    Pages: 171-188
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    PDF: ppk/41/ppk4109.pdf

    This article covers considerations on the issues relating to the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the light of the Polish Constitution. It is a representation of the commonly accepted democratic values, whose integral part are human rights and their mechanisms.On the basis of the material herein, it can be reasonably assumed that the principle of freedom and of human rights became fundamental in the political system of our state and defined the essence of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 1997. Its introduction helped regulate issues relating to freedom and human rights in the Polish systemic law.

  • Kompetencje i ich profesjonalizacja jako czynnik rozwoju współczesnego człowieka

    Author: Małgorzata Elżbieta Krawczyk-Blicharska
    Institution: Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach, Polska
    Year of publication: 2021
    Source: Show
    Pages: 237-253
    DOI Address:
    PDF: kie/131/kie13114.pdf

    A contemporary human being expands and uses their individual abilities to update, deepen and enrich the potential of knowledge, skills and competences in order to adapt to the changing social living space. The tasks imposed by the contemporary society necessitate creation and fulfillment of an individual who learns to live and is able to develop in the individual and collective dimension by professionalisation and use of their own competence potential. The contemporary civilisational tasks are not based on preparing individuals for the existing society but on providing stimuli enabling every human being, by using their competence potential, to understand the surrounding world, to create it, to be its actual participant and recipient, and to feel responsible for it now and in the future.

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