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  • Dependent Territories and Unrecognized States as Participants in Contemporary International Relations

    Author: Karol Piękoś
    Institution: University of Rzeszów
    Year of publication: 2019
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    Pages: 267-279
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    PDF: ppk/52/ppk5220.pdf

    Due to contemporary political conditions, there is a number of geopolitical entities outside the states that are not internationally recognized as states, due to a number of sociological, legal, historical and political factors. The world’s changes may contribute to the changes of the status of non-state geopolitical units. Authorities from unrecognized states have been making efforts for many years to recognize members of the international community as full, but this is a difficult task. Also, in the societies of dependent territories, the need for change is more and more often considered to be crucial, because it is very important for their future. There is no doubt that contemporary international relations constitute an interesting research field, if only due to the problems of recognition and lack of recognition of the states undertaken in the following considerations.

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