• Dezinformacja i propaganda w kontekście zagrożeń dla bezpieczeństwa państwa

    Author: Tomasz Kacała
    E-mail: tomasz1975@yahoo.com
    Institution: Centrum Doktryn i Szkolenia Sił Zbrojnych RP w Bydgoszczy
    Year of publication: 2015
    Source: Show
    Pages: 49-65
    DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/ppk.2015.02.03
    PDF: ppk/24/ppk2403.pdf

    The paper presents the role played by disinformation and propaganda in shaping state security. Common understanding of the terms is characterized by value judgment and differs from the one included in the subject matter literature. Both disinformation and propaganda are not newly implemented activities but they accompany the society from its beginning. Their usefulness during war has been proved by numerous historical examples. Development of disinformation and propaganda is connected with development of mass communication technology. Special meaning of the mentioned communication activities was confirmed during development of crisis situation in Ukraine in 2014. There are potential threats posed to Republic of Poland as a result of Polish involvement in democratization of Central and Eastern Europe. They include, inter alia, disinformation and propaganda. The way of eliminating the effects of disinformation and propaganda is understanding their mechanisms.

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