• Smartfon jako designerski gadżet

    Smartfon as a designer gadget
    Abstract: The purpose of this article is to present the smartphone as a multifunctional and socially desired object, which implements the following trends in design:
    – miniaturization useful arts,
    – advanced technology friendly to use,
    – combination of technology lifestyle,
    – building identity and distinctiveness of the consumer.
    The penetration of smartphones in Poland and in the world from year to year increases in enormous pace. In 2015, 58% of Poles had smartphones (report Poland is the MOBI 2015). These figures demonstrate the continuous growth in demand for smart phones, which signifi cantly affects the development of this area of the market. Smartphones differ due to the many issues that have been presented in the text. Technological progress of these devices revealed in the miniaturization of their thickness towards maximizing the usable space. Another notable development is the desire of designers to facilitate the relationship and communication between the hardware and the user, which can be equated with the phenomenon of society pictorial aesthetics and haptics. The emphasis on the mobility of smartphones, and many personalization options for these items are aspects through which the design of these gadgets become socialized. The Prestige smartphones at every level is closely connected with wealth. Innovation is a high price. Sometimes, unfortunately, fear of the inability of the smartfonowymi trends revealed obselitofobią, who also would like to mention. This paper is a part of the forthcoming dissertation on the social life of the smartphone.

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