• Interculturality in crisis? (New) Concepts of cultural diversity

    Author: Klaus-Börge Boeckmann
    Institution: University of Teacher Education Styria
    Year of publication: 2019
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    Pages: 13-27
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    PDF: iffe/12/iffe1201.pdf

    This article will present two basic concepts of culture which both have a long tradition and both are currently used in discussing cultural diversity. I call them the container concept and the network concept. The container concept was widely criticised and the criticism led to the development of new models. These models are basically compatible with the network concept, but take it further in several aspects, especially with regard to the question of how cultural ascriptions lead to differences in power allocation in society. If we have new models of intercultural competence, this should be reflected in curricula and classroom practice. So the last section of the article takes a closer look at two curricular documents and presents a practical example of dealing with cultural diversity in a more inclusive manner.

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