international migrations

  • The position of international migrations in political science. Methodological and theoretical conceptions of research development

    Author: Jacek Knopek
    Institution: Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland)
    Year of publication: 2005
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    Pages: 93-102
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    PDF: ppsy/34/ppsy2005009.pdf

    One of the characteristic features of modern world are migrations of people. They are caused either by social or economic and political reasons of respective states and regions of the world. Population processes constitute, at present, a global problem. In the consequence of population’s number fast increase and the irregular economic development of the world, they still remain as an actual research question. An universal regularity of present migratory processes is a decrease of birth rate along with improving the life conditions. The highest birth rate can be observed in the poorest countries. Depopulation tendencies occur, in turn, in economically developed countries. Apart from economic factors, the differences in population increase, are also influenced by social and cultural conditions of a certain region, and the evolution of political system and programs of ruling elite. Greatly diverse is also, so called, the “quality” of contemporary migration. It is presented alike by poor, uneducated people and highly educated specialists from diff erent fi elds of social and economic life.

  • Migracje a rozwój ekonomiczno - społeczny/modernizacja

    Author: Janusz Mucha
    Institution: AGH w Krakowie
    Year of publication: 2014
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    Pages: 134-141
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    PDF: kie/104/kie10410.pdf

    This article is a comment on Ryszard Borowicz’s text of 1992 on the post-1989 emigration of young people from Poland and on the debate inspired by Marek Okólski’s text of 2012 on the modernising impet of emigration. Three issues are being discussed in this article: 1) the adequacy of the „brain drain” concept, 2) relations between international migrations and modernization and 3/ some examples of empirical research on this problem.

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