knowledge representation

  • Od dziejów komputacji do reprezentacji wiedzy

    Author: Adam Fedyniuk
    Institution: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
    Year of publication: 2018
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    Pages: 115-127
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    PDF: kim/2018_1/kim2018111.pdf

    From the history of computation to knowledge representation
    There are various tools that make computational problems easier to solve. Through thousands of years mankind built and refined them in order to grasp intricate operations that can help unravel the complexity of the world. History of those tools is connected with the ability to visualize, categorize and also to assign hierarchy to things and to define relations between them. Some of them have philosophical roots, other could be employed only when suitable and sufficient mathematical apparatus became available. This paper shows a path, beginning with simple tools that aided simple mathematical operations through the ones that allowed visualization of relations between things, and finally, to the combination of these two kinds, which resulted gave us the beginning of modern ontologies in the context of informatics.

  • Sztuczna inteligencja a teorie domyślania Historia i wybrane podejścia do sztucznej inteligencji

    Author: Bożena Pięta
    Institution: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
    Year of publication: 2019
    Source: Show
    Pages: 113-126
    DOI Address:
    PDF: kim/2019_1/kim2019110.pdf

    Artificial intelligence and default theories

    Formal logic has been an important part of development of artificial intelligence (AI) research for almost sixty years, but its role has always been controversial. In the article an overview of the role of logic in artificial intelligence has been presented. The article showed mainly two possible applications of logic in AI: as a knowledge representation formalism and method of reasoning, and as a tool in computer science. The paper analyzed each of these and also investigated both the problems as well as the perspectives for the successful application of logic.

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