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  • Development of Seamless Learning to Facilitate Formal and Informal Learning in Elementary Education

    Author: Punaji Setyosari
    Institution: Universitas Negeri Malang
    Author: Dedi Kuswandi
    Institution: Universitas Negeri Malang
    Author: Saida Ulfa
    Institution: Universitas Negeri Malang
    Year of publication: 2020
    Source: Show
    Pages: 51-62
    DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/tner.
    PDF: tner/202003/tner6104.pdf

    Environmental education in primary schools has not built sufficient awareness in formal-informal learning experience. The development of seamless learning is an alternative innovation in building students’ learning experiences. However, there is limited research on its implementation in the learning process in elementary schools with limited mobile technology. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to develop instructional design and learning planning matrices for seamless learning on teachers’ and students’ activities to facilitate formal and informal learning with limited use of mobile technology in elementary schools. Based on the instructional design and learning planning matrices developed, the context reconstruction in a seamless learning design was successfully used in guiding the teachers’ and students’ activities. The limitations of mobile technology in the schools could be replaced with the use of learning laboratories, as well as parents’ support at home. Furthermore, the instructional design and learning matrix developed were feasible, valid, and practical in application in elementary schools. Therefore, the community has a vital role to play in improving students’ learning experiences aside from schools.

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