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  • Book review: Ludwik Habuda, “Decentralization vs. Centralization of Administration in the Structure of the Division of the Country” [Decentralizacja vs centralizacja administracji w strukturze zasadniczego terytorialnego podziału kraju], Wydawnictwo Adam

    Author: Mariusz Popławski
    Year of publication: 2009
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    Pages: 260-262
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    PDF: ppsy/38/ppsy200923.pdf

    Professor Ludwik Habuda is a grand specialist in the field of broadly understood research on local and regional self-governments. €The value of his studies is even greater as he tackles with issues concerning not the current legal status of such bodies, but he tries to get to the core of the problem by concentrating on a more demanding topic – the key features of a decentralized and a centralized structure.

  • Book review: “Local Government: A Politological Study”, ed. Joanna Marszałek–Kawa, Wydawnictwo Duet, Toruń 2007, pp. 262

    Author: Mariusz Popławski
    Institution: University of Białystok
    Year of publication: 2008
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    Pages: 224-227
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    PDF: ppsy/37/ppsy2008018.pdf

    The history of local government on Polish territories is not shorter or less fascinating than in other European countries. However, political obstacles, military conflicts, changes in the statehood system or finally its loss caused that what wherever else is the basis for further development of local democracy in Poland has to be built from the start. I mean here of course the long-lasting tradition of independent shaping and strengthening patterns, views and visions of local & regional self-governance, of which chance to fully develop Poland had not have. €The socio-political reality of today’s 3rd Republic is a dynamically evolving country, which due to the rapidness of that change demands strong support from its finest researchers and scientists.€ The goal set for them is to present a wide range of concepts that will allow to program the future direction of progress. €This way the necessary fundaments for Polish democracy at the regional and local level, and a tradition of discussion and sustainable development is born. In my opinion a good attempt to take part of the mentioned responsibility was the book edited by PhD Joanna Marszałek-Kawa from Univeristy of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, Poland.

  • Book review: Wojciech Peszyński, “First Elections to the European Parliament in Poland” (Pierwsze wybory do Parlamentu Europejskiego w Polsce), Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2007, pp. 147

    Author: Mariusz Popławski
    Institution: University of Białystok (Poland)
    Year of publication: 2007
    Source: Show
    Pages: 302-306
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    PDF: ppsy/36/ppsy2007024.pdf

    Political scientists, in their research work, concentrate on various topics. For some, thoughts and ideas of a famous statesman are fascinating and for others is the future influence of NGO’s on local communities. One thing, one time is said to have enough potential to unite attention of most of political scientists, as this is an event when they may observe how matters that they are especially interested in are apprehended. is mentioned event is, in my opinion, what elections indeed are and some may even say that elections are the festival of politics and sometimes of democracy.

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