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  • La muerte simbólica. El cuadro con la representación de Silencio y Monja crucifi cada del Beaterio del Carmen de San Blas en Cusco

    Author: Ewa Kubiak
    Institution: Universidad de Łódź
    Author: Juan Gómez Huacso
    Institution: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
    Year of publication: 2019
    Source: Show
    Pages: 95-126
    DOI Address:
    PDF: sal/9/sal903.pdf

    Symbolic death. Painting presenting allegory of Silence and Crucified Nun from Beaterium of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in St. Blaise Parish in Cusco

    The article presents a painting which has never been reproduced or publicly displayed before. The work comes from the Beaterium of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in St. Blaise Parish in Cusco. It is a two-sided representation. The ob- verse side contains a figure of a nun in a Carmelite habit, who puts his hand to his mouth and orders silence, which is communicated not only by the gestu- re, but also by the inscription accompanying the representation. On the rever- se side we can see an image of a crucified nun. The painting used to function as a door leading to the novitiate, which could be established based on the archi- val photo. The article describes iconography of the work, as well as the sources for most of the inscriptions that accompany the images. The painting is presen- ted in a broader historical and cultural context of Cusco Beaterium functioning.

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