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  • Rozwój kompetencji społecznych studentów w dobie nauczania online

    Author: Agnieszka Franczyk
    Institution: Uniwersytet Opolski
    Author: Anna Rajchel
    Institution: Politechnika Opolska
    Year of publication: 2021
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    Pages: 148-168
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    PDF: kie/133/kie13308.pdf

    Development of students’ social competence in an age of online learning

    The article is the research report. The aim of the investigation was to address the question how students evaluate the development of their social competence regarding learning online which became inevitable due to the COVID19 pandemic. 350 students from three universities in Opole participated in the research. The diagnostic survey method was applied. In order to collect the research material, an original online survey questionnaire was used. The study participants responded to questions on the basis of a fivepoint scale. The analysis of the results indicates that the highest valued competence for the respondents was the ability of selfmanagement in time (M=3.71) along with the ability of expressing one’s own opinion (M=3.66), whereas the lowest valued competence was maintaining relations (M=2.84) and regularity of learning (M=2.87). It also turned out that women valued the development of their social competence significantly higher than men (M=3.44; M=2.94). Considerably higher results also appeared in extramural students compared to fulltime students (M=3.63; M=3.27). Moreover, early years students rated the innovative approach to problemsolving and systematic learning significantly higher than older students.

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