• Political and Economic Determinants of the Attitudes of the Young Generation in the Russian Federation in 2020–2021

    Author: Mateusz Kamionka
    Institution: Pedagogical University of Kraków
    Author: Paweł Bielicki
    Institution: Asia and Pacific Society in Toruń
    Year of publication: 2021
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    Pages: 67-87
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    PDF: apsp/72/apsp7204.pdf

    The aim of our considerations is to present the most important determinants and implications characterizing the views of the young generation of Russians on the political and economic events taking place in the Russian Federation in 2020–2021. The subject of our interest will be the analysis of the causes of growing disapproval of young people towards the president of the country, Vladimir Putin, in this period. At the beginning of this study, we will examine the political situation in Russia following Putin’s next re-election in March 2018 and the deterioration in the economic situation of the country’s young citizens, multiplied by the outbreak and development of the coronavirus pandemic. An important problem that we faced is the attitude towards the return to the country in January 2021 of the oppositionist Alexei Navalny and his immediate detention by repressive state authorities, resulting in social protests, in which young Russians widely participated. It will also be important to analyze the role of social media in shaping the views of Russian youth. In addition, we will discuss the issue of economic problems of the Russian state that are increasing in strength, affecting the condition of the part of Russian society that is entering adulthood. In conclusion, we would like to answer the questions to what extent the disappointment of young Russians towards the person and government of Putin will contribute to the decline in support for him, and whether the Kremlin has real instruments to reverse the trend that is negative for the rulers.

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