niemieckie prawo administracyjne i konstytucyjne

  • Nowe instrumenty postępowania administracyjnego w Niemczech? Między akceptacją a mediacją

    Author: Thomas Würtenberger
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    Institution: Uniwersytet Albert-Ludwigs we Freiburgu
    Author: Jan Wiktor Tkaczyński
    Institution: Uniwersytet Jagielloński
    Year of publication: 2017
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    Pages: 85-100
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    PDF: ppk/38/ppk3805.pdf

    It is hard not to admit that, the development of contemporary society results (or at least it shall result) in changes of state’s functioning. This trival statement, as for scientific discovery, has far – reaching implications for understanding in contemporary world the position of democratic state based on the rule of law. It is impossible not to see that since the French Revolution the state is under sustained transformations, which in such a deep scale were not observed in previous centuries. Without going into considerations on the modern statehood course, it is worth – when focus on institutional changes – bear in mind what consists of state’s administrative identity in relation with it’s citizens. In this context – how it is shaped and how take place the fulfilment of representative democracy with elements such as citizen’s participation and responsiveness. For easier, faster, and the most important – more effective, way of reaction on new threats and civilization challenges. Which – without any doubts there will be no lack of abovementioned ones in forthcoming years.

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