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  • Recepcja kanclerskiego modelu rządów w Polsce

    Author: Ryszard Balicki
    Institution: Uniwersytet Wrocławski
    Year of publication: 2017
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    Pages: 55-68
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    PDF: ppk/39/ppk3904.pdf

    The Polish executive governance model assumes the existence of a two-part executive, in which the strength of the government lies in its constitutional competences and the power of the president is legitimized by his being selected in general elections. Such situation creates a space for conflict between the highest authorities. It is therefore worth to consider the desirability of making changes in the Polish governance model in the future and introducing into the system of governance a model based on the German system of chancellery governance.

  • Reforma konstytucyjna w Federacji Rosyjskiej w 2020 r.

    Author: Rafał Czachor
    Institution: Krakowska Akademia im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego
    Year of publication: 2021
    Source: Show
    Pages: 261-276
    DOI Address:
    PDF: ppk/61/ppk6117.pdf

    Russia’s Constitutional Reform of 2020

    In 2020 took place the most serious constitutional reform in the Russian Federation. The amendments result in the strengthening of the President in the political system, enable V. Putin to maintain power until 2034 and introduce some other significant changes. The aim of the following paper is to present the circumstances of the reform, the contents of the amendments, and their overall summary. Particular attention was paid to the following issues: relations among main institutions of state power, the place of international law in the sources of Russia’s law and other amendments related to constitutional identity and axiology. The reform results in strengthening the position of the President, even though still within the semi-presidential model of the political system, the diminished role of the Parliament, local self-government and deprivation of the autonomy of the judiciary.

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