organ stanowiący miast na prawach powiatu

  • Realizacja zasady równości wyborów do organu stanowiącego miast na prawach powiatu

    Author: Piotr Uziębło
    Institution: Uniwersytet Gdański
    Year of publication: 2012
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    Pages: 31-54
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    PDF: ppk/10/ppk1002.pdf

    Polish Electoral Code, which came into force in 2011, only slightly changed the rules of election of the councils of cities with county rights. Consequently, if the implementation of the principle of formal aspect of equal suffrage (equal voting rights) in the elections to these councils is undoubted that the material aspect of that rule (equal voting power) is controversial. This is due to the existence of relatively small constituencies, in which the number of seats based on the number of inhabitants, and not the number of electors or actually voting people. Another problem concerns the division of seats in those councils with d’Hondt method, which is the PR-system favorable for the largest political groups. Additionally, as practice shows, we have to make reservations if way of financing the electoral campaign does not affect the third aspect of the principle of equal elections – equality of opportunity. As a result we can say that the code very narrowly defined the equality of elections to the councils of cities with county rights.

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