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  • Nauru – najmniejsza republika świata

    Author: Anna Rytel-Warzocha
    Institution: Uniwersytet Gdański
    Year of publication: 2015
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    Pages: 11-26
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    PDF: ppk/23/ppk2301.pdf

    The Republic of Nauru is an island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean on the island of the same name. Nauru gained independence on 31 January 1968 and on the same day a new constitution came into force. The constitution of Nauru is similar to typical constitutions of modern democratic states, providing that the political system of Nauru should be based on such principles as independence, the republican form of government, the supremacy of the Constitution in the system of law, or the separation of powers. Nauru is an interesting country to research for several reasons. Firstly, Nauru is the smallest republic in the world and as the only state it does not have an official capital. Secondly, in parliamentary elections the Dowdall electoral system is used, which is a modified version of the Borda system considered to be an ideal electoral system in the theory of electoral law, which in national elections is not used anywhere else in the world. On the other hand, Nauru is an example of a state which has been brought from a paradise to an ecological degradation due to human activities involving the mining of phosphates and now it stands on the verge of bankruptcy.

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