prawa mniejszości narodowych

  • Prawa mniejszości narodowych w prawie wyborczym do chorwackiego Saboru

    Author: Konrad Składowski
    E-mail: kskladowski@wpia.
    Institution: Uniwersytet Łódzki
    Year of publication: 2021
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    Pages: 79-93
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    PDF: ppk/60/ppk6005.pdf

    Rights of national minorities in the election law of the Croatian Sabor

    The article is devoted to the election law in force in the Republic of Croatia, in particu- lar to the provisions regulating the procedure for electing representatives of national mi- norities. In Croatia, the electoral system for the Sabor consists of three separate methods of selecting deputies. The first and fundamental one involves the election of 140 deputies in 10 constituencies. In each of the constituencies, 14 representatives are elected on the basis of a proportional system, using the d’Hondt method and the 5% electoral thresh- old applied to the constituency scale. The second is used in the election of three repre- sentatives of the Croatian diaspora. The constituency is the entire world, and the distri- bution of seats is also made proportionally using the d’Hondt method. The third, used in the election of 8 representatives of national minorities, is the majority system. The ar- ticle analyzes the method of electing minority representatives and the consequences of applying this election procedure.

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