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  • Idea zrównoważonego rozwoju w kształceniu studentów kierunków nauczycielskich

    Author: Aneta Rogalska-Marasińska
    Institution: Uniwersytet Łódzki
    Year of publication: 2018
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    Pages: 104–125
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    PDF: kie/121/kie12107.pdf

    Contemporary neoliberal reality with clear and unambiguous rules of actions imposes tough social inter-dependences and obligations. At the same time, commonly present mainstream tendency to weaken interpersonal relations, to doubt in senses and meanings, and to accept each behaviour without the possibility to formulate personal attitude towards it, has led to total mess in human life. An unbalanced man hardly manages to exist in all devastated dimensions of his world: social, cultural, environmental and economical. The need to turn back and to reach the sustainable level of life becomes more and more clear. The route to sustainability needs ambitious, common and responsible education. The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development was the first global project. Now we should undertake activities presented in Global Action Plan. To make that immense plan become real we need properly and thoroughly prepared school teachers and academics. Pre-service and in-service teacher development becomes a global issue. Contemporary vocational obligations and expectations formulated towards that group of professionals considerably inhibit the process of change. That is why, the diagnosis of global pedeutological problems and tendencies is one of the most important steps for preparing a better plan to work with Polish teachers. The paper presents possible ways to work with students – future teachers – to develop sustainable awareness and attitudes, derived from proper knowledge and skills. Project X is one of the most interesting and inspiring educational tools. Basing on Polish primary and secondary curriculum, students of the University of Lodz learn how to think in sustainable manner, and how to join knowledge and skills from various schools subjects to build a holistic educational message.

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