• Corpus-Based Analysis as a Method to Identify Russian Trolling Activity

    Author: Kamil Baraniuk
    Institution: University of Wrocław (Poland)
    Year of publication: 2017
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    Pages: 239-255
    DOI Address:
    PDF: ppsy/46-1/ppsy2017115.pdf

    There has been an increased interest in the field of informational and psychological warfare conducted by the Russian Federation directed at Western countries and their allies following the intensification of the conflict in Ukraine. The most visible example of this are the activities in the field of propaganda, disinformation and psychological operations accompanied the annexation of the Crimea and manipulate the American public during the presidential election in 2016. Trolling as one of using tools of such activity is a highly visible manifestation in which users or automatic comment generation programs manipulate online discussions. This phenomenon is visible and widely discussed in the media discourse. Efforts are being made to develop academically rigorous systems of identification and description. This paper presents the results and main conclusions reached through the application of the author’s method of analysing key words supported by corpus-based analysis in exploring this phenomenon. 

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