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  • Obszary wiejskie województw zachodniopomorskiego i małopolskiego – analiza porównawcza dynamiki zmian w latach 2004–2008

    The articles purpose is to compare the development of two regions, with the special Research period is between 2004 and 2008. During research were used basic measures of economical, social and demographical development. Attempt was taken to answer these questions, does this regions need different ways of development and instruments of activization? Does the four years period in UE was properly used by these areas? Conducted analysis didn’t gave clear answers for the questions. There are areas where the rate of changes are similar for both regions (GDP, average monthly salary in agriculture, population age structure) but there are also great differences, some on the side of Zachodniopomorskie region and some on the side of Małopolskie. To give clear answers to these questions there should be conducted more specific studies and use other like synthetic measures of development.

  • Demographic Factors Affecting the Level of Financial Literacy in Rural Areas: The Case of Vietnam

    This article measures the level of financial literacy in the rural areas of Vietnam. The financial literacy is usually concerned by financial institutions and government organizations. This is considered to be an indicator that contributes to the assessment of the quality and potential growth of the financial system. In the article the determinants of financial literacy in Vietnam are identified. In result the authors propose a designed financial literacy enhancement programme for implementation.

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