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  • Fiction Propels the World, from Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering to Augmented Society - on Some Aspects of Stanisław Lem’s Works

    Author: Maria Banaś
    Institution: Silesian University of Technology
    Year of publication: 2021
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    Pages: 29-38
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    PDF: tner/202102/tner6402.pdf

    The aim of this paper is to analyse the influence of Stanisław Lem’s works, an outstanding representative of Polish science fiction, philosopher and futurologist, on the shape of reality in which we currently function. Undoubtedly, Lem’s writings are a collection of predictions that describe, with unprecedented accuracy, the technologies of virtual reality, nanotechnology, biotechnology or robotics long before they were created. Are we living in a world that was described by one man many years ago? The research method used in this study is the content analysis of the selected novels by Stanisław Lem and the analysis of available secondary data. Let us therefore examine, on the one hand, the predictions of the Polish writer related to the development of the latest technologies, the advent of which he forecasted many years before they were created, and, on the other hand, let us consider what social consequences resulting from such a rapid progress in the field of technology the Polish futurologist warns us about.

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