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  • Europejska polityka wsparcia budżetów państw strefy euro. Próba delimitacji prawnej pojęcia politycznego

    Author: Peter-Christian Müller-Graf
    Institution: Uniwersytet w Heidelberg
    Author: Jan Wiktor Tkaczyński
    Institution: Uniwersytet Jagielloński
    Year of publication: 2013
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    Pages: 16-31
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    PDF: ppk/14/ppk1401.pdf

    Perturbations in the eurozone justify the question concerning not only the condition of public finances in the countries belonging to this zone, but also force us to think about the form of budget support policy of the eurozone countries implemented by the European Union. It is not difficult to realize that the aforementioned policy is, since May 2010, both an object of criticism, also in a scientific aspect, and the (not only) source of the current financial difficulties of the European Union. Although these problems do not (yet) threaten the common European market, it is impossible to ignore that they weaken to a great extent the union binder, which consists both of the economic and monetary European union. With the purpose of showing the legal and political implications of this process, it becomes necessary to remind first of all of the adequate regulations of the European Union law. All this, referring to the bon mot of John Kenneth Galbraith that one of the recession’s benefits is that it reveals what the accountant has overlooked, in order to be able to present the new political and legal shapes of the indicated problem. The shapes and also, specifically speaking, the political and legal challenges, which emerge from the analysis of the present budget support policy of the eurozone countries implemented by the European Union.

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