• Problemy z usystematyzowaniem wewnętrznego rozwarstwienia chłopstwa

    Author: Agnieszka Galczak-Froch
    Year of publication: 2013
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    Pages: 156-170
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    PDF: ksm/18/ksm201312.pdf

    Sources of research and subject literature do not give a clear picture of diffe­rentiation of the peasantry in terms of financial status. The problem concerns both the amount of property owned by them (land and livestock) and place in the hierarchy. This fact is very much difficult, sometimes even impossible to study the layers of peasant and any generalizations about it. It seems that the only possible way to study the most populous state in the Republic is to track individual fates of individual units that make it possible not precise enough to qualify for the category of the peasantry, but observe the changes taking place in the financial status over time and associated with the action taken.

  • Sulla declinazione dei cognomi italiani in polacco

    Author: Daniel Słapek
    Institution: Uniwersytet Wrocławski
    Year of publication: 2019
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    Pages: 233-259
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    PDF: iw/10_1/iw10110.pdf


    Polish inflexional morphology, with its rich inventory of rules relating to noun declension, also involves surnames of foreign origin. Generally, these surnames should be inflected just as Polish common names or adjectives are, depending on the inflexional paradigm to which they belong. However, the declension of foreign nouns involves various complications of phonetic, orthographic, and, most of all, inflexional natures, not only because of a relatively high number of rules governing the Polish morphological system, but also because some of these rules have not yet been determined in a definitive manner and the declension itself, in some cases, is optional. For this reason, speakers of Polish, to avoid inflecting a given surname, often prefer to adopt various editorial strategies, so to speak; in their texts, however, we can still find numerous incorrect inflexional forms and inconsistent or outright wrong inflexional strategies. With this article, then, I intend to expose the detailed rules relating to the declension of Italian surnames in Polish and analyse the occurrences of these surnames in Polish texts that have appeared in Italica Wratislaviensia.

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