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  • Polityka historyczna jako forma budowy wizerunku Polski na arenie międzynarodowej

    Author: Anna Wójcik
    Institution: Akademia im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie
    Year of publication: 2016
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    Pages: 438-451
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    PDF: siip/15/siip1522.pdf

    Historical politics as a form of construction of the image of Polish in international arena

    Article raises the issue of the importance of historical policy, also known as the politics of memory, as a category, which in recent years is the subject of heated debate. This is because, through the tools of historical policy, the authority has the opportunity to shape the expected vision of the state and nation in the international arena. This remains controversial due to the fact that the possibility of an arbitrary silence inconvenient facts and events. The main aim of this article was to show the importance of historical policy as a tool to build the country’s image in the international arena, not evaluating the policy pursued by the authorities. This issue is discussed in a wide range in the pages of various publications and at scientific conferences or debates historians. Analysing the literature and the press reports and official documents of institutions and government agencies have been in the paper a short review of selected policy definitions historical aspects of its tools and its implementation and postulates policy history in the future.
    Historical policy should be implemented by the Polish state as part of the construction of the position of the State in the international sphere, but mainly as an element of education of the next generations of Poles.
    I have no doubt that in the international, worldwide, all reasonable state, who understand their needs, and above all, to have a sense of their statehood and dignity, pursue an active policy of history.

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