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  • Czy istnieją polskie tradycje państwa prawa? Prolegomena do badań

    Author: Marcin M. Wiszowaty
    Institution: Uniwersytet Gdański
    Year of publication: 2021
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    Pages: 31-46
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    PDF: ppk/61/ppk6102.pdf

    Are there Polish Traditions of the Rule of Law? Prolegomena for Research

    The paper is a summary of a scientific seminar devoted to the problem of the Polish acquis concerning the concept of the Rule of Law and an introduction to in-depth research on this subject. The initial answer to the research question whether there is Polish achievements in the described field is positive. It is a centuries-old and relatively rich achievement. The answer to the question about the existence of the Polish tradition of the Rule of law, understood as continuity, is negative. Despite making more and more (partially understandable) attempts to prove this continuity and the existence of at least a partial continuation of the political system between the so called First, Second and Third Polish Republics, this continuity is only illusory and in fact has been broken several times. One can speak of a short-term continuity only within successive epochs in Polish history.

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