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  • Referendum monarchiczne jako forma legitymizacji, restytucji, zniesienia lub reformy ustroju monarchicznego we współczesnej praktyce ustrojowej (1944–2011)

    Author: Marcin M. Wiszowaty
    Institution: Uniwersytet Gdański
    Year of publication: 2011
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    Pages: 29-66
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    PDF: ppk/08/ppk802.pdf

    Subject matter of this article draws our attention to cases of using the democratic institutions in a monarchical system, especially – referendum. It is worth a closer look at the role played by referendum in the history of monarchical system of government. The article presents a broad research material. The study material covers the period from the end of World War II because of the enormous importance of this global conflict for the history of constitutionalism. An exception was made for events in Iceland. A referendum was held there in 1944. Although the war lasted, the result had a decisive influence on the form of the state in the postwar period. All other referendums described in the article took place after the war. During this period, 22 referendums related to the monarchy were held. In some countries for two (Maldives, Sikkim), and even three times (Greece). The presented research material has prompted the author to ask several questions: „what were the main factors that determined the success or failure of referendums on the removal or restoration of the monarchy”, „Has a referendum in the monarchy completely different or the same function as in the republics: „If traditional classification of referendums include those held in monarchies or they require a broadending of separate categories”. The author gives answers to these questions.

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