Digitalization of Public Governance in Conditions of Netocratization of Society: the Legislative Framework of Ukraine

Author: Lina Storozhenko
Institution: State University of Telecommunications
Year of publication: 2023
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Pages: 30-37
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PDF: cpls/5/cpls503.pdf

Today, information and communication technologies are widely used in all spheres of public life; state policy is gradually gaining publicity and social accessibility; it becomes possible for society to actively participate in globalization policies and processes; the digitalization of public services is globalized and covers the whole world, which indicates a netocratic vector of development of modern society. Given the pace of development of globalized e-democracy and the world’s efforts for socio-economic recovery, it is necessary to update the priorities of digital governance in order to increase trust in governments and state institutions, and for this it is necessary to create effective legislation that determines the possibility of forming a perfect governance system and regulatory state policy in the field of e-democracy. The article considers domestic legislative acts designed to regulate and streamline management processes in the conditions of netocracy of society, to ensure their consistency, stability, balance (laws of Ukraine: «On Information », «On Information Protection in Information and Communication Systems», «On the National Informatization Program», «On Electronic Documents and Electronic Document Management», «On Electronic Digital Signature», «On Electronic Trust Services», «On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals – Enterprises and Public Formations», «On telecommunications», «On the licensing system in the field of economic activity», «On the Fundamentals of the Development of the Information Society in Ukraine for 2007–2015», «On the Protection of Personal Data», etc.). An analysis of the indicated domestic legislative framework indicates a quantitative growth and improvement of regulatory documents covering the digital spheres of public administration. It has been established that the issue of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with world legal norms remains important.


normative legal act netocratization e-governance digitalization legislation Law public administration

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