The Cooperation of Azerbaijan with German Organizations and Companies

Author: Amirbaba Arzuman Amirov
Institution: Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijan Republic
Year of publication: 2023
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Pages: 140-145
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PDF: cpls/6/cpls615.pdf

This article shows the relationship of the Azerbaijan Republic with such international companies such as GTZ, DAWD, Grunewald, Kappelhous, and Siemens. All mentioned entities enable to present the relationship between Azerbaijan and Germany. The analysis of the abovementioned relationship can be considered an important step in the process of integration of the Republic.


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The World Health Organization labor organizations Development and Provision Programs of the UN the USAID Azerbaijan International Company (AIOS) BP Azerbaijan International Society of Turkish Industrialists and Businessman (AISTIB) GTZ German Development Cooperation German-Azeri Business Association (DAWD)

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