The International Legal Order and Hybrid Wars

Author: Artem Samorodov
Institution: National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
Year of publication: 2023
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Pages: 39-45
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PDF: cpls/8/cpls804.pdf

This article addresses the urgent issue of hybrid threats within the international legal framework. It examines their implications through the lens of the conflict in Ukraine, Israel and other violations of fundamental principles of international law by authoritarian actors. The author critically evaluates the inadequacy of the current international legal system in dealing with the complex nature of hybrid threats, which exploit vulnerabilities in democratic societies. The article advocates for a comprehensive approach, calling for reforms at national, regional, and international levels to strengthen resilience and establish a more secure and adaptable international system. Throughout the article, various proposals are presented with the aim of reshaping the global security architecture. The author emphasizes the need for a thorough reassessment of existing international norms and institutions, highlighting the urgency of adopting innovative strategies to protect against the sophisticated tactics employed by authoritarian actors in hybrid warfare.


international law adaptive democracy hybrid democracy enforcement hybrid war

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