Administrative Liability for Violation of Human Information Rights in Ukraine

Author: Yelizaveta Tymoshenko
Institution: Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University, Ukraine
Year of publication: 2023
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Pages: 83-88
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PDF: cpls/8/cpls809.pdf

The aim of the article is to draw attention to and explore the problem of access to various types of information on the Internet. It also emphasizes the relevance of this issue in the modern world. The article employs general and special scientific methodologies for conducting legal research, including systemic, systemic-structural, comparative legal analysis, and synthesis, deduction and induction, and other methods of scientific cognition. In our time, one of the significant problems on the Internet is the dissemination of information, despite users granting permission for the use of such data. For example, seemingly trivial information such as a person’s address can be freely used in educational institutions, municipal administrations, and other organizations. However, when entering the online space, the circle of individuals with access to this information significantly expands, posing potential harm to many citizens. There are organizations and laws designed to control the flow of information on the Internet, but unfortunately, such control is currently imperfect. As a result, many personal data that people would not want to disclose become freely accessible to all individuals online without their consent, leading to the misuse of data against the subjects, violating their right to personal life, honor, and dignity. The article discusses the protection of informational rights and the security of individuals in modern information society as one of the state’s priority goals to ensure legal life and the well-being of citizens. It also touches upon the category of “information violation” as it is directly related to the rights to information protection and the responsibility for encroachments upon them. The Internet space is one of the largest concentrations of information regarding subjects of socio-legal relations. Therefore, information can be utilized for the benefit of people as well as for the opposite. Overall, many actions in the online space are illegal and can cause harm to other Internet users. The global Internet network is a vast data repository, so the article examines the dissemination of confidential information specifically in this space.


information violations information protection regulatory legal regulation information crime information violation online information sphere

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