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Author: The Editors
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 5-8
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Wielofazowy proces instytucjonalizacji regionu

Author: Jacek Poniedziałek
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 11-33
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.01
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The aim of the article is to characterized the theory of institutionalization of the region. Its author, Finnish geographer Anssi Paasi, described region as an effect of multiphase process that takes shape of an institutionalization. Such process starts when region has its territorial frame (territorial phase), then symbolic images are created and located in people’s consciousness inside and outside of the region (symbolic phase). In the next phase (called an institutional) symbolic images are transformed into formal institutions (law, strategies, organizations). In that phase regional actors operate in the field of a regional discourse. Region is a sociospatial phenomenon, a place where symbolic and institutional acting between different regional actors takes place. It is a constant process of legitimization specific images of regions, which is used to create a brand of the region and structuring the regional identity of people living in the region. The moment a regional identity and a regional brand is created by regional institutions is defined as a full phase of institutionalisation. Paasi’s theory is an important and interesting proposal, which can enrich the sociological surveys of the region, but it is necessary to supplement it. The process of institutionalization of the region involves all regional actors, Paasi argues that only formal organizations. Additionally, this process is dependent on the internal and external context and on the history of the region. These complements enriches heuristic value of the theory characterised in the article.

Ansii Paasi sociology of region theory of institutionalisation regional identity region

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Konsumpcja w ujęciu studiów kulturowych

Author: Łukasz Iwasiński
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 34-52
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.02
PDF: kie/111/kie11102.pdf

Post­Marxist perspective perceived consumption primarily as an instrument of alienation. Cultural studies offered a different view. Focusing on using and reconstructing (both symbolic and physical) of goods, they argued that consumption may be a mechanism of authentic expression, a way of articulating consumer’s personal meanings. Cultural studies also demonstrated that consumers, through the process of consumption, can actively manifest their resistance to the market (or any imposed ideology). The paper traces the development of reflection on consumption within cultural studies, deriving from the work of Stuart Hall and Michel De Certeau, through the writings on subcultural and popcultural (in the sense of John Fiske) consumption, to contemporary subversive activities. It reveals the broad application of the notion of consumption for the purpose of describing contemporary social reality. The text discusses the concept of tactics and strategy, incorporation, as well as various forms of subversion. The author illustrates these concepts with observed examples or cases obtained from desk research. The paper examines the opposition potential of consumption, considers the cultural and social changes resulting from certain styles of consumption. It also poses the question of the status of consumer in today’s market. It offers different ways of interpreting the above problems present in the area of cultural studies.

subversion tactics pop culture subculture cultural studies strategy consumption

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Przeciw pewności Karla Poppera Zmagania z koniecznością

Author: Marcin Kilanowski
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 53-67
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.03
PDF: kie/111/kie11103.pdf

All the time, we encounter social, political, or economic crises. Those crises were not and are not a sheer result of poorly designed and malfunctioning state institutions, supposed to control (or not) the sphere of individual activities. This is what we are presented with as their cause. This, however, is not a complete picture of the situation. Crises occur also due to inadequate stressing of the categories which have become central for our societies, as Karl Popper pinpoints. In The Open Society and Its Enemies, he claims that it is our attachment to thinking that there is a one history, progress, pursuit of power and glory, as measures of individual success in the hostile world, that contributes to the re­occurrence of crises and the violence that accompanies them. We live focused on abstract categories and interpretations detached from the everyday life experience. In consequence, we still have to struggle with the phenomenon of exploiting individuals, we still do not create opportunities for satisfying their needs and space for working out solutions which would aid us in tackling the emerging problems. As Popper preaches, if we want to break free from the limitations of our minds so as to act differently, as fully free, self­realized and responsible, we have to try to verify our beliefs, even if it turns out that we should abandon them. This essay is another attempt at presenting the crucial aspects of Popper’s thought that are particularly difficult to comprehend and accept: namely, that there is no history independent of our doing, there are only our descriptions; there is no progress; it is us that create history without even being aware of that.

action selfrealisation historical necessity responsibility progress criticism ppsy

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Biblioterapia integralna

Author: Agnieszka Miernik
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 68-78
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.04
PDF: kie/111/kie11104.pdf

The main objective of my dissertation is to introduce the assumptions of the Jungian depth psychology to the bibliotherapeutic process. Bibliotherapy as an interdisciplinary method using psychology and literary studies enriched with the theory of integral psychology formulates a new theoretical perspective and constitutes a proposal of a holistic view of bibliotherapy. The extension of the theoretical basis of bibliotherapy will help to augment the therapeutic effect, activate unawareness (the sphere neglected in school education), and strengthen psyche. Integral bibliotherapy will create conditions to expand the dialogue between the rational side and unaware one, and it will contribute to a positive stimulation of the integration processes. Providing archetypal patterns reflecting the rules of life in culture, and drawing attention to the regulatory role of literary works, will enrich both the intellectual and spiritual side of the development of the participant of the bibliotherapeutic process. Archetypal content present in literary texts studied by the participant according to the bibliotherapeutic procedure will achieve an integral orientation focused on the humanistic dimension of existence.

bibliotherapy identification depth psychology unawareness archetypes catharsis insight symbol individuation

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Podstawowe terminy pedagogiczne w języku angielskim w kontekście pedagogiki polskiej

Author: Anna Fitak
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 79-100
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.05
PDF: kie/111/kie11105.pdf

This article covers the basic terms in educational sciences in English and their equivalents in Polish, including definitions, difficulties in the selection of appropriate equivalent and linguistic traps which may influence on how the particular term is interpreted in the context of a text it is contained within and both Polish and American/British educational reality. The purpose of this paper is to increase awareness of a Polish reader of education­related texts that have been translated from English in terms of issues concerning meanings and interpretation, to make the Polish authors of education­related texts more sensitive to such issues and to provide them with a basis to be used when they create their own works which are meant to be populated in the multilingual environment of educationists or when they refer to the English literature in educational sciences in Polish books and articles.

language of educational science educational terminology text on education discourse analysis dictionary of education Education higher education communication in science

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Problem z prze-pisaniem Teoretyczne podstawy refleksji postkolonialnej

Author: Bartłomiej Krzysztan
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 101-114
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.06
PDF: kie/111/kie11106.pdf

The collapse of Eastern Bloc equivalent with disappearance of the Second World left great political and geographical sphere in the ‘vacuum of ideas’. A priori the Postcommunist space has been included into transition and transformation studies discourses. In principle following the scientific fashion whole former space of Eastern Bloc has been classified as the developing consolidating democracies with neoliberal model of economy. Futuristic presumptions from the beginning of 90s after 25 years required additional critical perspective and revision. Social facts analysis is emphasizing the mistaken and limited contexts of transitology and in parallel leads to reflection why postcolonial potential of the sphere is by postcolonial theory omitting. Paper is delivering the analyze of the significant obstacles for postcolonial rewriting of the history of postcommunist space amid others the role of Marxism, importance of experience, reductionist character of transition studies and wrong interpretation of the basic assumptions of postcolonialism. Article is aiming to describe those crucial barriers which led to the ignoring of the achievements of postcolonial critique in the analysis of cultural, social and political conditions of former Second World.

postcommunism transtion studies theory rewriting marxism postcolonial critique and theory

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Biografia artystyczna i mit (na przykładzie Papuszy J. Kos-Krauze i K. Krauzego)

Author: Ewelina Wejbert-Wąsiewicz
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 117-139
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.07
PDF: kie/111/kie11107.pdf

The Subject of the study are cinema biographies of artists. The main point of discussion is the “directed biography”, popular biography, existing in wide reception for example polish movie Papusza directed by Joanna Kos­Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze. In the paper used the method of analysis and comparison of various available sources and documents: scientific biography, interviews, press releases, reports and documentaries; particularly inspiring was the method of Panofsky. The aim of the article is not uncovering the truth biographical reality, but its interpretation in the form of ideas, visions of artists in the eyes of other artists (directors, screenwriters). There are important issues is the mythologizing and demythologization elements in a film about Papusza and also functions work: knowledge, education. Aesthetic values are not the subject of research in itself, but they can’t be overlooked because the analysis of image and analysis of content movie’s reminds analysis of discourse, because of the focus on intertextual relations.

biography myth art artist­-women Papusza Romany culture

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Kultura fizyczna w reedukacji osób odbywających karę pozbawienia wolności -motywacja skazanych do udziału w programach z zakresu kultury fizycznej i sportu

Author: Anetta Jaworska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 140-158
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.08
PDF: kie/111/kie11108.pdf

In studies seeking motivated prisoners to physical activity while serving sentence in prison, were used the questionnaire methods. Researches group were the men who are physical active (N=121), aged 22 to 55 years. Most of the respondents were men with primary or secondary, and vocational education (over 90 %). The results showed that the most important role in participating in physical exercise in prison is motivation to maintain contentment and satisfaction with life, and exercises are primarily a form of entertainment and meaningful full time. Important themes are also making exercise motives maintain contact with a wider group of people. However, inmates differ significantly in terms of motivation to participate in activities depending on the type of physical exercise.

physical education prison reeducation motivation

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Zadowolenie z życia w kontekście perspektyw czasowych i struktury wartości-porównanie międzykulturowe studentów z Polski i Ugandy

Author: Józef Maciuszek
Author: Kinga Tucholska
Author: Anna Kawula
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 161-179
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.09
PDF: kie/111/kie11109.pdf

Research problem: The focus of the research was to determine the differences and connections in subjective well­being, time perspective and values among groups from various cultures and socio­economic status. The samples of Polish and Ugandan population, which are highly diverse geographically, socially, economically and culturally, were examined and compared in the study. Participants: The Polish data were collected from 58 management students (45 F, 13 M) from Jagiellonian University in Krakow; mean age M=20.21 years old, SD=1.10. The Ugandan data were collected from 47 management students (28 F, 19 M) in similar age from Makerere University in Kampala and Fort Portal. Measures: Respondents from Uganda completed the Subjective Well­Being Scale (SWLS) by Diener, the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) and the Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ) by Schwartz. The original versions of methods, written in English (which is official language in Uganda) were used. In Poland were used version of SWLS adapted by Juczyński, ZTPI adapted by Cybis, Rowiński and Przepiórka, and Polish version of PVQ adapted by Cieciuch and Zaleski. Results: Statistical analysis carried out on Polish and Ugandan sample survey data revealed statistically significant differences in time perspective and in basic personal values, but not in subjective wellbeing. The results were interpreted in the context of specific social, economic, and cultural conditions and discussed with reference to previous findings.

satisfaction with life time perspective cross­cultural comparisons students

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Związek zaangażowania w studiowanie i wypalenia studiami z osiągnięciami akademickimi

Author: Konrad Kulikowski
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 180-196
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.10
PDF: kie/111/kie11110.pdf

This study addresses the question how students’ engagement and burnout are related to academic achievement the grade point average and the number of passed exams. The study involved 205 students. Multiple regression analysis indicated that burnout is direct significant predictor of grade point average, but the engagement is not. Relation between students’ engagement and the grade point average was mediated by level of burnout. Further analysis revealed that students who have passed all the exams in the first term were characterized by lower level of burnout than students who have not passed all the exams in the first term. However, students from both groups did not differ, in the level of study engagement. The results indicate that high academic achievement is related to the lack of a burnout rather than the presence of engagement. Results also show that the grade point average and the number of passed exams are poor indicators of the level of students’ engagement.

engagement burnout academic achievement grade point average

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Relacja dziecko-rodzic w perspektywie gry komputerowej. Wyniki badania nad obecnością gier wideo w rodzinie

Author: Damian Gałuszka
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 197-216
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.11
PDF: kie/111/kie11111.pdf

Video games are an important part of contemporary culture and economy, since the number of video game users is constantly increasing, part of that group consists of children. Socialization of young gamers largely takes place in the family. The purpose of this article is to present the conclusions brought by the research on role of video games in the life of the modern family. The study focuses in particular on the issue of technological and cultural competence of children and parents. The research was conducted employing quantitative and qualitative methods a questionnaire survey and interview. Some worrying phenomena has become noticeable within the pool of twenty four surveyed families, especially in terms of: shortcomings in the cultural and technological competence of parents, insufficient level of parental control, limited communication between parents and children or the lack of support from the school. This article is an attempt to deepen the analysis of impact that video games have on the family environment. The mentioned issue is particularly important in the perspective of growing prevalence of this medium and its specificity significantly different from older media.

new media video games modern family media socialization generation gap

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Indeks schematów rówieśników szkolnych uczniów z lekką niepełnosprawnością intelektualną (IE-PP-R) eksperymentalna wersja kwestionariusza

Author: Paweł Kurtek
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 217-229
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.12
PDF: kie/111/kie11112.pdf

The goal of the paper is presentation the index­measure concerning the classmates­schemes of adolescents’ with mild intellectual disabilities (mid). Psychosocial paradigm in rehabilitation inclines to get acquainted with subjective perspective which encourages to compiling instruments matched to cognitive abilities and social experience of the population. The theoretical approach of the tool is: the Theory of Social Schemes by B. Wojciszke (1986). The essence of these schemes is to see others as acting intentionally. As a key of partnerships (with classmates) there were distinguished two dimensions: help bullying and inclusion isolation which are very common presented in objective research perspective on mid. Due to the limited cognitive abilities of this population the research tool are based on Likert­type scale reduced to 4 options of choice. Moreover the items are formulated in easy­language based on real episodes. The psychometric procedure included such steps as: preparing a set of items focusing on these experiences, estimation of the content adequacy (by 6 Competent Judges). Then a group of 103 students (55 female and 48 male) with Special

social experience social scheme factor analysis

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Zasoby w pracy a zadowolenie z pracy nauczycieli Pośrednicząca rola zaangażowania

Author: Łukasz Baka
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 230-244
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.13
PDF: kie/111/kie11113.pdf

In according with Job Demands-Resources model high job resources create appropriate job attitudes directly and indirectly through increase of work engagement. The direct and indirect effects of job resources were tested in relation to organizational commitment and citizenship behavior mainly. The study was aimed at investigation the links between job resources and job related subjective well­being, measured by job satisfaction and positive affect at work, and also mediating role of the work engagement relating to the above mentioned link. Participants were 316 teachers. As predicted by the Job Demands­Resources model, the research results show direct and indirect (via work engagement) effects of job resources on job­related well­being. High job resources (supervisor support, coworkers support and psychological climate at work) correlated with high job satisfaction and high positive affect at work. Work engagement mediated this links. The results indicate the need to develop Job Demands­Resources model.

work engagement ob resources job­related well­being

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Merril D. Smith (red.) , Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast , Rowman & LiX lefield, Lanham Maryland 2014, ss. 288

Author: Emilia Mazurek
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 247-256
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.14
PDF: kie/111/kie11114.pdf


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„W kręgu zagadnień wyborczych”

Author: Tomasz Kowalczyk
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 257-262
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.01.15
PDF: kie/111/kie11115.pdf

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